What are the major health issues?

CTM has identified 10 areas of major concern

VESTED INTERESTS AT CORPORATE AND GOVERNMENTAL LEVEL are resulting in harmful and even fatal modes of treatment being sanctioned for the sake of industry and the shareholder. Today, western healthcare and its drugs are the third leading cause of death in most industrialised nations. Health industry journals and statistics corroborate these conclusions.

VESTED INTERESTS IN SOME AREAS OF THE MEDIA. Many of today’s mainstream health writers and editors are in possession of well-researched life-saving information on many health issues and are being blocked from publishing it. What are some media owners afraid of? How much responsibility must they bear for allowing the public to remain uneducated on so many vital and life-saving issues?

DANGEROUS CONVENTIONAL TREATMENTS. Conventional drug regimes for cancer and other illnesses are often highly destructive and toxic, many with a well documented capacity for causing the very illnesses they are designed to defeat. Thousands are needlessly suffering and dying, their conditions in many instances curable with non-toxic and non-invasive nutritional treatments. The unpatentable nature of these regimens unfortunately precludes them from the profit-driven conventional marketplace.

THE DANGERS OF VACCINATION AND VACCINE THEORY. Mass vaccination programs are on the increase, despite there now being firm evidence linking vaccination to serious chronic health problems, such as autism, permanent brain injury and death.

SUGAR (SUCROSE), ASPARTAME AND SACCHARIN. Many medical experts agree that sugar feeds cancer. The vast majority of the population consumes large quantities of high fructose corn syrup and sucrose, or their partners, aspartame and saccharin, which have now been clinically linked to accelerated aging, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and over 100 other serious health problems. These links are being deliberately ignored or downplayed by the hugely influential and profitable sugar and sweetener industry.

WHY ARE CONVENTIONAL DOCTORS NEVER TRAINED IN NUTRITION? Nutrition plays such a vital role in maintaining good health yet our doctors are trained in institutions funded by the pharmaceutical industry which pays scant attention to this vitally important area. Most of the diseases killing western populations today are metabolic, toxin and diet-related. This means that pharmaceutical drugs so often prescribed for such conditions not only do not address the underlying causes but are often toxic to the body’s metabolic processes.

GENETIC ENGINEERING AND HUMAN CLONING. Crops and other foodstuffs are increasingly bio-engineered to render greater output and fatter profits, but what price will the citizen pay with their health in the future? What are the implications for human cloning, where tiny human beings are reproduced and then ‘harvested’ (killed) in the name of ‘scientific advancement’? Aside from the obvious areas open to brazen abuse, what are the health and moral implications of lauding ‘sibling spare parts’ as a beneficial industry? Mankind already possesses the technology and knowledge to prevent most disease in the first place.

FLUORIDATION. For years we have been told that fluoride consumption is safe and a healthy necessity. The reality is that these ‘fluoride’ compounds do not prevent dental cavities and are, in fact, constituents of nerve gas and rat poison. Hexafluorosilicic acid, the most widely used water fluoridation compound, is a raw industrial hazardous waste. Why is the public being mass-medicated without its consent when these compounds, promoted as protectors our teeth, in fact destroy them through dental fluorosis, not to mention the wider implications for human health and the environment?

ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS. Many of today’s illnesses in the human and animal population are increasingly being linked to mineral deficiency in our soils and cumulative poisoning. Pesticides, fertilisers and other toxic materials are ploughed into our lands, which subsequently enter the food-chain, producing the broad spectrum of deadly diseases afflicting mankind today. What common household and personal care products do we use daily which contain harmful chemicals that can damage us over the long-term? And what cosmetics products, costing us a fortune, are giving us beauty to die for?

VETERINARY SCIENCE AND ANIMAL CARE. The foot and mouth fiasco along with the equally misguided BSE fanfaronade reflect the urgent need for a fundamental policy change in commercial animal husbandry. Animal illnesses are on the rise. Many animals are being adversely affected by commercial, drug-based treatments, annual vaccination and medicalised feed in the name of agri-chemical profits.

Please note: The remit of CTM cannot be all-encompassing. Therefore there will be certain issues not included above that will feature at a later date.