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It was a wise man who said “Our wealth is our health.”

…But today, our health is being plundered. Despite remarkable achievements in some aspects of orthodox medicine, the world’s leading conventional institutions are responsible for a truly awesome death toll across the globe. The Journal of the American Medical Association (Vol 284, 26th July, 2000) reports statistics which show that Western healthcare is now the third leading cause of death in the US, inflicting some 225,000 deaths per annum. Some 200,000 deaths are recorded per annum in China through the use of inappropriate medicine and 40,000 are dying from these causes in the UK. An estimated 1 in 5 Australians are currently dying at the hands of their physician. Key elements contributing to this unnecessary disaster read as follows:

  • Vested interests funding medical research and dictating the outcome of drug trials
  • Vested interests funding medical schools and dictating the syllabus
  • Widespread administration of unproven vaccines and other toxic pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical giants fabricating public health scares for financial gain
  • Strict adherence to unproven medical theory, leading to mandatory prescribing of dangerous drugs for massive profits
  • No accountability: growing levels of despondency and disillusionment amongst dedicated doctors and nurses

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